GCC LaserPro Mercury III
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Flexible 3D and Stamp Engraving 

- 3D engraving output

Closed-loop DC Servo Motor

- Can deliver greater continuous shaft power at higher speeds than a stepper of the same frame size. In addition, It can also give far greater accuracy due to the continuous movement, instead of constant stopping and starting.

Auto focus (Patented)

- The Auto focus is the most effective lens-focusing tool that prevents human error when exact measurement of distance from the surface of the working material is needed.

Pass-through Front/Rear Doors (Optional)

- A design with doors on both ends to accommodate extremely long working pieces without the need for a screwdriver.


- An exceptionally innovative and user-friendly feature based on servomotor technology simplifies operations and shortens setup time

Easy to Use Control Panel

- Allows you to change laser parameter settings, set jobs to repeat unlimited times, queue jobs, delete jobs, and more.

Key Switch Emergency Stop

- Allows operators to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately

Job Preview Function

- a job preview function that previews graphics before the official laser printing process

Bridge Cutting

- diversifies the laser cutting into packaging prototyping and fulfill versatile requirements


  • 25″ x 18″ (635 x 458mm) working area
  • Popular all around laser engraver with stable and satisfactory performance
  • Intuitive control panel allows easy operations
  • Easy maintenance motion system
  • Emergency button and key-switch add an extra layer of safety
  • Pass-through front and rear doors to accommodate over-sized working pieces
  • Feature-rich windows driver
  • Power by USA Made Syn-rad las


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